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Piping & Specialty
Welding Services

When it comes to piping and specialty welding, we are the experts, delivering projects faster and more reliably than the competition. We specialize in welding various alloys, including stainless steel, chrome, and exotic alloys.

Our crafts people are assigned to projects based on their experience and expertise, with separate crews for heaters, boilers, and piping replacement, repairs or upgrades. So whether your job is a simple re-tube or a unique debottleneck project with specialized components, you can be sure our pipefitters and welders have the skills and equipment to handle it with finesse.

The quality of our welding is as fundamental to our business as it is to yours.


Specialty alloy welding, carbon steel and tube welding

Furnace and reformer re-tubing and repair

Convection box replacement and upgrades

ASME and NBIC code stamps “U”, “R”, and “S”

Shop fabrication services

On-site assembly, repair and modifications

Pipe stress analysis


Rigging and installation services

Hydro testing

Specialization in critical piping projects and revamps

Complete constructability review

Finite element analysis

Local stress investigation

As-built documentation with 3D laser-scanning technology