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Discover the seamless tower maintenance, repairs and modifications offered by UPS Industrial Services.

Our dedicated team comprises seasoned supervisors and welders equipped with extensive expertise in handling all manufacturers’ vessels and tower internals.

Whether it’s prompt restoration of damaged trays, precision installation of new separation components or proficient repair of pressure boundary components, our specialized skills distinguish us.

These proficiencies allows us to adeptly tackle complex tower group issues, ensuring swift and cost-effective repairs. Count on UPS Industrial Services for comprehensive tower solutions prioritizing efficiency and unwavering quality.


Blind-to-blind services

Tray Expertise

Tray cleaning and hardware repair/replacement

In-place tray repairs

Ability to source tray parts and hardware in very short lead times

Installation and modification of tray support rings and tower attachments

Experienced in current distillation and fractionation technology

Extensive experience installing all manufacturers internals

Tower, drum and reactor revamps

Tower revamps

Critical lift planning and review


UPS Extraction Equipment

Full-time code welding staff:

Nozzle replacement

Manual overlay

Tray ring removal and install

Flush patches

Removal and replacement of all types of packing, structured or random, and all materials: carbon, SS or ceramic

Vessel re-rates and design

Open and inspect

Clean and repair

Bolt torquing and stud tensioning

Can section/head replacement

Rigging engineering