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Tanks Solutions

We offer turnkey above-ground storage tank construction services with in-house design and engineering following complete adherence to API 650 and 620.

Our tank maintenance offering, supported by our engineering team, follows API 653 compliance standards while focusing on decreasing downtime and maintenance costs.

Count on us for all your tank solutions including onsite inspection, as well as routine repairs, alterations, seal replacements and repairs related to corrosion and deterioration


Tank repairs that include bottom replacements, shell, roof, nozzles and manways

Roof expertise:

Fixed and floating roof repairs and replacements

Cone roof and structure repair/replacements

Floating roof conversions

Floating roof seal inspections, installation and repairs

Geodesic dome installation and repairs

Aluminum Internal Floating Roof (IFR) installation and repair

Largest capacity aerial in the market

Pipe fabrication and installation including fire-fighting foam systems

Cathodic protection replacement and leak detection


Design and engineering capabilities

Emission calculation and reduction programs

Heel reduction and working capacity programs

Tank foundation design and installation

Fabrication capabilities

Continuous maintenance programs and contracts

Stairways, handrails and platforms

Complete API 653 repairs

Complete API 650 and API 620 new tank construction

In-service seal replacement and repairs

Storage tank lift and level for foundation modification