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Mechanical and
Heat Exchangers

Utilizing a large fleet of extraction equipment, our capable team of specialty mechanical supervisors delivers consistent and high-performance outages to your facility.

We utilize the most cutting-edge equipment and technology to safely handle all your specialty mechanical needs, from the basic bolt up to the most technical bolting standards. We also repair and service all types and models of heat exchangers, regardless of job complexity.


Complete blind-to-blind service

Piping & valve removal and installation

Heat exchangers

Bundle extraction equipment and services

Critical lift planning, review and execution

Re-tubing of exchangers and re-rolling of tubes

Tube welding & bundle repair

Code repairs for shell, components or any fixed equipment

Hydrostatic and/or pneumatic testing


UPS Extraction Equipment

Truck-mount extractors

Aerial extractors

Smallest aerial in the market, allows for
tight spaces and smaller cranes

Largest capacity aerial in the market

Crawler extractors, small wheel

Self-propelled (TBC) large wheel extractors

Hydraulic bundle lifters

Custom bundle dollies